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How to overcome the fear of intimacy: 5 steps

How to overcome the fear of intimacy: 5 steps

There are people who have an aversion to sex. Pathological fear of intimacy destroys life: deprives family happiness, the ability to have children and leads to physical and mental disorders. The expert explained on what erotophobia is, how it manifests itself and how to fight it.

5 steps that will bring you back the joys of sex

  1. Accept that sex is the basis of creation. Thanks to him a new life is born, there is an exchange of energy between people. Sex brings physiological pleasure.
  2. Extend the period of romantic courtship. This will strengthen the trust between you and your partner. Fear of attachment will gradually pass, and only then is it worth setting up a body-to-body dialogue.
  3. Work on trust in relation to the opposite sex. As it happens, there are always risks in an intimate relationship, the more valuable the happy moments lived together. Especially in sex.
  4. Remove the blockage of tactility. To do this, you can regularly go to a relaxing massage. So you can experience the beauty of touch. And you’ll also realize that touching other people is completely safe. You can also attend couples dancing, cuddle more with loved ones, relatives, children.
  5. Work with your inner value. Realize that your body is unique. It should be loved and respected.

Erotophobia has a complex psychological component underneath, but it is definitely treatable. If we are talking about deep psychological trauma, especially related to violence, it is better not to do self-treatment, but to work with a specialist. After therapy, you will take your life to a new level and be able to enjoy sex.