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Top 8 mistakes women make during oral caressing

Top 8 mistakes women make during oral caressing

If you are worried that your partner is not satisfied with your oral sex skills, but you want to make a vivid impression on him, then you need to know how to do exactly not. We tell you about the most common mistakes when giving a blowjob and how to avoid them on

When you give a blowjob, you not only want to give pleasure to your man, but also to please him while you do it. However, some minor mistakes that you may not have even thought about can mar the process.

1. You think he’s satisfied when he’s not

Many women think that if they’ve managed to make their boyfriend cum, he’s satisfied. The truth is that men are made for quick and easy orgasms to ensure the survival of the human race. If he cums, it doesn’t mean that the blow job was exceptionally good. If he’s constantly shocked by your new tricks and techniques and says you’re the best he’s ever had, congratulations! You are an amazing lover. But if you’re not, it’s important to learn how to do it.

2. You don’t close your teeth enough

This is probably the most painful mistake you can make during a blow job. Making sure your teeth are not touching his cock is essential. However, many women sacrifice visual appeal to avoid teeth. Wrapping your lips around his teeth is one of the most common ways that partners protect their man from “accidental biting.” Not only is it not as pleasurable as the alternative option you are about to learn about, but it also doesn’t look as sexy. Instead of wrapping your lips around your teeth, try pulling them apart. It takes some practice and getting used to, but once you do, your blow job will look ten times sexier, and the feeling of your moist, soft lips sliding up and down on it will be ten times more pleasurable!

3. You’re not using your hands

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body, and it can deliver pleasure that your partner has never experienced. However, you can do so much more. A major mistake women make in oral sex is that they think that working with their hands and giving a blowjob are two completely different things. Although the use of the mouth is a key part of oral sex, don’t forget the hand work. They can stroke his shaft, testicles, or even put on a sexy show by touching themselves.

4. He doesn’t give you feedback

If your man is lying with his eyes closed, barely moving or communicating with you, not only does it make him boring, but it also makes it harder to give him the best sex of his life. If your guy isn’t giving you the feedback you need, it doesn’t mean your technique is bad – he may just be very shy and reserved. If you want to learn how to give a good blowjob, it’s important to get feedback from your boyfriend. When you start the process, stop for a second and ask if he likes what you’re doing. You need to communicate with your man and find out what each of you likes.

5. You are not adapting your techniques to his preferences

A technique that brings one guy to ecstasy may not appeal to another at all. Some men, for example, hate it when their testicles are touched, while others consider it a sin not to give them the attention they deserve. Some prefer that you focus only on the head of the penis, while others need you to stimulate the entire shaft. So it’s important to talk to your guy and find out his preferences.

6. Weak friction

The main mistake women make during oral sex is that the grip of their lips is not tight enough to cause arousing friction. To make sure the movements are correct, put your hand around his cock and ask him to put his hand on top. Let him show you what intensity he likes. All guys are different, so trust and repeat.

7. Ignoring body language

We all know you need to change things up during a blowjob, but how? And when? The answer is body language. Watch for your partner to tense up a little and start to wiggle his hips slightly. This is a sign that you are doing something really pleasurable, and the man may be ready for more intensity. If there aren’t enough hints, you can always ask a few sexual questions that can go a long way toward giving someone the right combination of sensations.

8. Gag reflex

If you have a gag reflex like a normal person, a deep throat will make you make a nasty gagging sound during oral sex, which, by the way, will not be very pleasant. The truth is, you can easily mimic a deep throat without having to sink your penis into your mouth entirely. Place the tip of the shaft between your lips and grasp the rest of it with your hands. Massage it by rotating it in different directions with your hands while teasing its head with your lips and tongue.